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Brigetio Change

About us

The first Brigetio Change currency exchange opened in the centre of Komárom in 1997, run by the Cs-Profit Kft. The name "Brigetio" is the what the town was called in the Roman era.

The owners' goal was to perform the activity of exchanging money in a cultural, modern and customer-oriented environment, at first just in Komárom, then in more and more towns of Transdanubia. In 2003 when the Nilsen Kft. appeared the number of owners and shops increased as well.

The CS-Profit Kft. as the foundation member of MPOE (National Association of Hungarian Currency Exchanges) also determined the professional business federation of exchange activities and improvement of their situation as its goal. By that time the Brigetio Change functioned at eight places.

By 2010 the number of currency exchanges run by the companies increased to 25 and they are planning to open newer shops as well.
We are present in several towns of Hungary's five counties, such as in: Komárom, Győr, Mosonmagyaróvár, Pápa, Mór, Tata, Tatabánya, Esztergom, Budapest, Szombathely, Vértesszőlős .

According to the prevailing laws in Hungary the activity of exchanging money can be performed as agents of certain financial institutions. The Cs-Profit Kft. and the Nilsen Kft. function as the agents of Raffeisen Bank from 2003. The Brigetio Change currency exchange has a constantly growing customer base, so it is a sign that they perform the activity of exchanging money with the greatest contentment of their customers in spite of the difficult financial circumstances. The team developed its spirit in the last ten years is the guarantee.

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